Where Does Hunger Hide? Exploring Food Insecurity in Calgary

Hosted by MRU student Julia Gerritsen with the support of Leftovers- Food Rescue and MRU's Institute for Community Prosperity.

1 in 8 Canadians experience food insecurity and this statistic is not improving! Food banks may alleviate hunger for some in the short-term, but the reality is that food insecurity persists despite access to food charity. So what exactly is food insecurity and what does it look like in Calgary? How do we improve access to healthy and affordable food?

Join us for a community conversation hosted by Mount Royal University (MRU) student Julia Gerritsen, with the support of Leftovers - Food Rescue and MRU's Institute for Community Prosperity.

PLEASE NOTE: This is a conversation-style discussion, not a lecture/expert panel event. Attendees will be encouraged to participate in a discussion that will consider and explore the following topics: How might we identify where pockets of food insecurity exist within our own communities? What unique barriers exist for accessing healthy and affordable food in Calgary? How do we find sustainable ways to improve food security?

*Once you register for this online conversation the zoom link will be sent to your email prior to the event.

Where Does Hunger Hide?

A Conversation Exploring Food Insecurity in our Calgary Communities!





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