...To Bunker 13- Dandy/Full Circle Brew Co. Collaboration Online Tasting Event


We made some friends across the pond and developed a beer together. They brewed a batch, we brewed a batch.

Join us on Saturday, March 13th, at Noon (7pm UK time) for a virtual tasting featuring the team from The Dandy Brewing Company AND Full Circle Brewing (Newcastle, UK) as we chat about our breweries, the beer we both made, and some insight into the rest of the beers we make and they make.

This is an intercontinental event and guests will be attending from both Calgary and Newcastle.

If you have experienced a Dandy virtual tasting before, you'll be familiar with the Remo software and the unique format it provides. You'll be virtually seated at a table with other guests but able to move tables and mingle with all attendees in between segments.

Each segment is 10-15 minutes, with time in between to chat beers with pals. Book a table with friends from around the city and "hang out at the bar" without leaving your living room. What a treat!

This kit is a little more simple than in the past and includes:

Each tasting kit includes

  • 4 pack of beer (2 cans of the Dandy/Full Circle Collaboration + 2 surprises)
  • 1 snack prepared by Chef Merritt Gordon
  • Access to the Tasting event
  • A coupon to use on your next visit to the tasting room

Feel free to add on any items, like take and bake lunch, snacks glassware, or more beers to make a real event of it!

Pick-up will begin Thursday, March 11th in the Tasting Room, during opening hours


Tasting Package

4 pack of beers (2 cans of Collab beer, 2 surprise beers), 1 snack, access to the unique tasting event and discussion. Coupon to visit the tasting room.

$40 CAD

Lunch for two!

1 L of Bacon and split pea soup, 1 bag of Pop Corn, and 4 pack ofcookies

$30 CAD

Sensorik Glass

A fancy stemmed piece of glassware designed for ideal craft beer enjoyement

$11 CAD

Honey and Sea Salt Popcorn

A tasting room favourite. A great treat to add to your tasting.

$10 CAD

NAQP/DANDY Baseball cap

Designed and made in Canada in collaboration with our Inglewood buddies at NAQP. Fit so nice, look so cool.

$45 CAD

Dandy Mixed 8 pack

2 cans each of the Dandy Core line up

$35 CAD

4 pack of "...to Bunker 13"

Add on a full four pack of the Dandy/Full Circle collaboration beer

$20 CAD


Delivery off any orders for the event will take place on FRIDAY MARCH 12th

$5 CAD

Raised:  $10 / $500  Goal
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