Empowering Immigrant Workers!

Hosted by Chiamaka Agonsi (Mount Royal University student), with the support of Action Dignity and Institute for Community Prosperity.

Did you know that temporary workers are admitted into Canada yearly and about 73,000 were admitted in 2019? According to the Food and Agricultural Organization of the United Nations, majority of these workers are vulnerable to exploitation; they have a decreased access to healthcare, suffer from food insecurity, lack social protections, and are living in poverty.

Would you be willing to share your experiences on ways you have been empowered to advocate for your rights? If yes, then join me in a 90 minute conversation as we explore the following topics: What does a healthy and safe working condition look like? How might we empower immigrant workers to exercise their rights? What do immigrant workers need to know about their labor rights?

This conversation is an opportunity for us to share experiences, perspectives, and ideas!

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Chiamaka Agonsi


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