ComicsNOS- Autistic Battle Royale!

A battle to determine the greatest Autistic character of all time!!

Over the history of Autism, there have been an endless stream of Autistic Characters in Movies, TV Shows and books in Mainstream Media. If you are anything like have long wondered, Who is the Greatest Autistic Character of all time?!?!

Wonder no more...

On June 18, in celebration of Autistic Pride Day, ComicsNOS will debate until we cannot debate no longer until we determine a winner in the first ever...Autistic Battle Royale!

This will truly be a one of a kind show not to be missed!

General Admission

Ticket for one device

$20 CAD

General Admission- One Table

Tickets for 6 devices

$100 CAD

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Contact the organizer:

Dean Svoboda


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