Co-operatives 101 Webinar

Yes, co-ops are that amazing. Find out why.

Are you looking for strategies and tools to centre local economic development around the people who live there? Are you looking for ways to help local businesses do well, and do good? Is your business seeking to make in an impact in its community? If these questions have your attention, then this one-hour webinar, presented by Momentum and taking place at noon on June 24th is not to be missed.

Over the lunch-hour, Jared Bluestein (founding member of The Allium worker co-op) will explain how worker ownership and control works, and the impacts it can create in the broader community. Jared will also lead a cooking demonstration based on one of the many delicious plant-based offerings from The Allium.

Joining in on the webinar is Seth Leon from the Alberta Community and Co-operative Association to provide insight on what is needed to form a great co-op, the development process, and how a strategy based on sharing resources and information can create amazing outcomes.

This webinar is for anyone interested in co-ops and their local economy, entrepreneurs, aspiring entrepreneurs, people who works with entrepreneurs, and those who want to learn how to make a quick and delicious and nutritious snack.

Attendees will come away with:

  • A basic understanding of the co-op business structure and how it can be applied to make an impact in their community
  • A review of local case-studies and examples
  • Information on how to learn more and get started right away!

Event Details

  • When: Thursday, June 24th 12-1pm
  • Where: On zoom (link will be emailed out one hour before the event)
  • What: Co-ops 101
  • Who: The Allium/Momentum/ACCA

Co-ops 101


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Contact the organizer:

Philip Lozano


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