Cake break: Queer inclusivity in Alberta long-term care

Hosted by Mount Royal University (MRU) student Daniel Major, with the support of the Institute for Community Prosperity (MRU) and the Brenda Strafford Foundation. Bring your own cake :)

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Do you or would you feel comfortable expressing your sexuality in a long-term care home? What are the obstacles facing queer inclusivity in long-term care? What are the potential solutions? Calling all stakeholders, changemakers, survivors, and allies: join us for a brave conversation around the challenges and opportunities for queer inclusivity in Alberta long-term care.

Please bring paper and something to write with. You will be asked to create a simple drawing. Also, there will be an opportunity to discuss the following questions: What is the current state and/or your experiences of queer inclusion in long-term care? What needs to change to create more inclusive environments in long-term care? What potential solutions exist?



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Daniel Major

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