Becoming an Ally: Fighting Ageism

Hosted by Mount Royal University (MRU) student Amanda Gramiak, with the support of the Institute for Community Prosperity (MRU) and Silvera for Seniors.


Ageism, the prejudice that targets, and discriminates individuals or groups based solely upon age is widely prevalent in today's society. Difficulty recognizing ageist thoughts, actions, and every-day language is contributing to how older adults and the aging process is viewed. Join us for a conversation around the challenges and opportunities older adult advocates have in eliminating ageism.

Attendees will be encouraged to participate in the conversation. Discussion points will include ageism in society, the aging journey, and combating ageism.

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The conversation will be conducted through Google Meet, if you are unfamiliar with Google Meet or Jamboard please watch the quick tutorials found in the links below.

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